Our Story


It all started in 1956...

Our family business was founded in the Seattle area by local entrepreneur Jerry Kartak and his brothers. Shortly after it's inception only Jerry and his wife Joanne remained to build the business from the ground up. They chose Everett as their home base and thus the legacy began. 

Jerry and Joanne had six children, all of whom have helped the business as it grew over the years. Their oldest daughter Joan Kartak likes to say that she was the "first employee", helping as a little girl to answer the phone, "It's for you Daddy!" 

Jerry's son Kevin now manages the business as it continues to grow and flourish even though Jerry and Joanne have long since retired.

Our Mission

We are all about team. We enthusiastically team up with our customers to safely provide the very best quality and value with win-win outcomes for all.

Today, AAA Kartak has over 100 dedicated professionals, four distribution centers, three showrooms, and two production facilities with their mission of serving homeowners and contractors with Faster & Better service from Bellingham to Chehalis. Even with wide growth and expansion, the company's focus remains local and personal. The company is still family owned and operated. In fact, five members from the second generations, five members from the third generations and even one member from the fourth generation all continue to help AAA Kartak serve the Puget Sound area 60 years later.


Our Services


Whatever your needs may be, our world-class service and quality is guaranteed to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our award-winning team consistently maintains our hard earned reputation for professionalism, honesty, and integrity with every business endeavor. 

If you haven't yet experienced our commitment to service and excellence, please ask builders and contractors you know, or your friends and neighbors. Chances are we have worked on their homes and projects. Our customer satisfaction rate is outstanding as we continue to partner with homeowners and builders with passion and integrity for 60 years and counting.


Please contact us, we'd love to hear about your plans and help make your dream a reality.